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New Jersey United Limo is a USA-operated car rental company that provides all day, every day access of rental vehicles to its clients for all sorts of transportation needs. Either are going for a gathering, hang out late night with buddies, go out for shopping, or moving to and from the airport – New Jersey United Limo gives you access to transportation anyplace, all over. This Agreement administers the relationship, rights, and commitments among NJ United Limo and the Client for the utilization of NJ United Limo’s Vehicles. This Agreement doesn’t itself give any option to utilize NJ United Limo’s vehicles. By utilizing our vehicles the Client concurs and stick to all Terms and Conditions of the company just as this Agreement. 


The Client pronounces that they he/she got all clarifications as they may have sensibly mentioned concerning the substance of this understanding and that he/she has deliberately inspected and sees all his/her duties and commitments in this agreement of understanding. The Client pronounces that he/she comprehends this agreement contains terms identified with harms, obligation and repayment and that they comprehend that this agreement may affect their privileges and duties in case of any harm to NJ United Limo’s vehicles or outsiders. By applying for reservation or booking a NJ United vehicle the Client concurs as follows. 


1.1 Definitions 

In this Agreement, aside from as in any case explicitly gave, or except if the setting in any case requires: 

– ‘Record Page’ signifies the Client’s own record area of NJ United’s site 

– ‘Understanding’ signifies this Agreement as changed or enhanced recorded as a hard copy every now and then; 

– ‘Application’ signifies the Client’s application for Membership with NJ United; 

– ‘Driver’s License’ signifies a driver’s permit that approves the individual to whom it is given to work an engine vehicle in the locale where the individual uses any NJ United vehicle; 

– ‘Qualified’ or ‘Qualification’ signifies an individual who meets the Eligibility Requirements according to Schedule ‘B’ 

– ‘Expenses’ signifies all charges, expenses and charges relevant under this Agreement as per the Fees; 

– ‘The Zone’ signifies the region depicted by NJ United in accordance with the business zone for beginning and end of a Trip; 

– ‘Solicitations’ signifies an outline all things considered and different sums for which a Client is dependable that identify with utilization of a NJ United vehicle or different sums owing as per this Service Agreement, which will be produced all the time and which might be made accessible on the site and on select subsidiary sites; 

– ‘Customer’ signifies the gathering to this Agreement and endorsed by NJ United through an application procedure and gave a Membership Card; 

– ‘Participation Card’ signifies the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip-installed card gave by NJ United to the Client; 

– ‘Participation Access’ methods the electronic access gave to a customer which empowers him/her to get to a vehicle by means of the NJ United Android or iOS App through a username and secret phrase 

– ‘Leaving Rules’ methods the leaving rules according to USA Traffic Police Dept., distinguishing the areas inside – The Zone where a NJ United Vehicle might be left; 

– ‘Business Zone’ signifies the zone where NJ United vehicles can work, which for the most part remembers the city for the USA wherein the NJ United Vehicle is enlisted according to the number plate, however might be designated by NJ United in the NJ United Mobile Application or Website 

– ‘Individual’ signifies and incorporates any individual, enterprise, organization, firm, joint endeavor, coop, affiliation, trust, government, administrative office or board or commission or authority, and different types of element or association and any reference to a Person will incorporate and will be esteemed to be a reference to that Person’s replacement; 

– ‘NJ United Vehicle’ signifies any engine vehicle enrolled to NJ United and utilized regarding NJ United’s vehicle rental business under the idea depicted in this understanding, the NJ United Terms and Conditions and the NJ United site, including all equipment or other property introduced or joined thereto; 

– NJ United’s Website’ signifies www.newjerseyunitedlimo.com and such different sites as might be indicated by NJ United occasionally; 

– ‘Outing Period’ signifies the range of time between a Vehicle Activation and Vehicle Deactivation (Closing the NJ United vehicle through the entrance technique gave to the Client by NJ United); 

– ‘Vehicle Activation’ signifies getting to/opening the NJ United vehicle through the entrance technique gave to the Client by NJ United); and 

– ‘Vehicle Deactivation’ signifies shutting the NJ United vehicle through the entrance technique gave to the Client by NJ United. 

1.2 Schedules 

The accompanying calendars (‘Schedules’) joined to this Agreement and posted on NJ United’s site are fused by reference and will be regarded to shape a piece of this Agreement: 

– Terms of Use 

– Fees 

– Privacy Policy 

1.3 Modification of Terms 

The current rendition of this Agreement and the Schedules are accessible at NJ United’s site. NJ United maintains whatever authority is needed to correct, supplement, or supplant this Agreement, including the Schedules, now and again and will pull out of such changes to the Client. Such notification will be regarded given to the Client after being furnished by NJ United as per this Agreement. The Client recognizes and concurs that all alterations of this Agreement will be as a result for and authoritative on the Client in return for and as a state of the Client’s proceeded with rights under this Agreement, including the utilization of NJ United vehicles. By holding a NJ United Vehicle or in any case utilizing a NJ United Vehicle following NJ United’s notification of any alteration to this Agreement, the Client recognizes and consents to the particulars of such change. 


2.1. Qualification and Eligibility Requirement 

The Client is required to be 23 years or above, holding a driving permit for more than 1 year in the USA or outside the USA which is perceived according to the concerned Authorities. He/She should be in a psychological and wellbeing state which satisfies and consents to the legitimate prerequisites of USA laws. 

Following International Driving Licenses are perceived by the specialists: Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Canada, United States of America, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Africa. 

The Client has explored the Eligibility Requirements and speaks to and warrants that they are Eligible. 

The Client consents to collaborate in giving NJ United all data important to affirm their Eligibility. NJ United claims all authority to demand extra data, whenever. NJ United claims itself the authority to dismiss a Client at its own caution. 

2.2. Extra Criteria 

The Client recognizes that NJ United may add extra necessities to the Eligibility Requirements whenever and that such extra prerequisites may exclude the Client. 

2.3. Continuous Eligibility Requirements 

Since driving a NJ United vehicle requires keeping up a protected driving record, NJ United may, every now and then, check Clients’ driving records and holds the right, in its sole carefulness, to suspend or end this Agreement. Also, NJ United may whenever expect Clients to show consistence with the permitting laws of their ward of living arrangement as well as force further strategies in regards to the commitment to be authorized in their purview of home. 

2.4. Loss of Eligibility 

On the off chance that the Client’s permit is suspended or disavowed or gets invalid, if the Client has any further supports or mishaps on their driving record, or if the Client is sentenced for or gets a reference for driving affected by liquor or drugs, hazardous or foolish driving, or surpassing the important speed limit, the Client consents to report such suspension, denial, changes, conviction, or reference to NJ United instantly. Inability to inform NJ United of any such occasions may prompt the Client not being secured by NJ United’s protection strategy when driving a NJ United Vehicle or potentially end of this Agreement. The Client ought to at no time access or utilize a NJ United vehicle when he/she doesn’t lawfully follow the laws of the USA or any lawful guidelines and guidelines or any of the NJ United expressions and conditions just as this understanding. 


3.1. Initiation 

This Agreement will begin upon NJ United’s acknowledgment of the Application and sending an affirmation email to the Client alongside the Username and Password and issue of a Membership Card or with the Access of the Client to the NJ United Apps or Vehicles and will proceed until ended as per the arrangements thus. 

3.2. Correspondences 

NJ United may contact the Client comparable to any issue that may emerge under this Agreement or the Client’s utilization of a NJ United Vehicle by telephone, instant message, email, or other technique for correspondence. The Client approves such contact and is answerable for any cellphone or different expenses identified with such contact. The contact subtleties gave by the Client upon the enrollment with NJ United is considered as the legitimate contact of the Client and all correspondences, lawful notices and data will be given to the equivalent. The Client is required to guarantee that these specialized strategies are appropriately working and acknowledges all duties in the event that if there is a correspondence disappointment. 

3.3. End by Client 

The Client may end this Agreement whenever by composed notification, paying every single exceptional Fee, and restoring all other NJ United property in the Client’s ownership or control. The Client Security Fees (if relevant/gave) will be returned following 30 days.

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